Recording Day #1 (New Love)

I’ve decided I should blog for each of the recording day. Main reason is I’ve such bad memory it’ll be great to have something physical to hang on to after the whole session is over.

Today the recording was at 3pm. Which was hell for my vocal cords cos singers don’t wake up so early right? I tried to turn in early at 12am, but I woke up many times from 6am from too many random dreams 🙁 What was not helpful was the song – it was one of the more difficult songs to tackle.

The Jap boss turned up at around 4pm, which upped my stress level because I was already cursing and swearing at myself. But during the break, he was very encouraging and cheerful as usual, and tried to add in one or two mandarin words whenever he could (don’t we all love it when foreigners do that lol). He even said “加油” (I can’t quite find a strict Eng equivalent, for french it’s like Bon Courage) to me, with his fist striking the air, when he had to leave halfway. Cool huh.

Too bad I lost 99% of whatever Japanese I learnt in Uni. I must pick it up again when I’ve time. I still have my textbooks 😀

I’ll do better tmr! がんばって!

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