Quiet is good

Yes I’ve been lazy to blog…but also mainly cos I don’t feel a need to blog..I’ve been too busy experimenting with music, and….having fun!

I’m sad that Alicia is back to Italy, but well, I will go visit her next year. Venice is one of the spots on earth I gotta go, and she’s a good reason for me to book a ticket there! Though I hope I’ll not be the Philips lightbulb between Tienyao and his wife when we go there together. 🙁

Anyways, a couple of my favourite youtube links for this past month:


After watching this clip, I really feel like I should shut up everytime I want to whine about something. Like, ”Get your act together Bevlyn!”

And this, is how I wanna live when I’m a grandmother:


I saw this dancing uncle with my own eyes some time ago, and I was totally drawn in by his non-chalent attitude. He is cooooool.

And I was so appalled after watching Blood Diamond on TV, and after reading this article: http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/198202/diamond

I don’t need a diamond. Can I have erm, blue sapphire? On second thoughts, it’s okay, just give me the monie, I’ll happily go buy a red baby grand piano.

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