This album consists of 20 different musicians and composers; Disc 1 consists of English tracks and Disc 2 consists of Mandarin classic songs.

Available for download on ITunes

Audiophile fans would not be disappointed as the album is mastered in Japan and the sounds are classic audiophile fanatics’ dream.

Disc 1 (English & French)

1. You Are My Angel
2. Talk To Me
3. When You Say Nothing At All (Duet – Aiza Seguerra)
4. He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands
5. Lonely Afternoon
6. Play With Me
7. Anymore
Bonus Track
8. La Vie En Rose

Disc 2 (Mandarin)

1. 新不了情
2. 阴天
3. 我愿意
4. 黄昏
5. 爱的代价
6. 梦醒时分
7. 失了踪 (Lost)
Bonus Track
8. 当我八十岁(When I Am 80)



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