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After a much awaited 5 years since the launch of her EP album “Lonely Afternoon” in 2008, Bevlyn releases her her 2nd indie album “我認識過的人 (The People I’ve Known)” which comprises of 10 self-penned originals inspired by real people in her life. Musically eclectic from bossa nova to ballads, to funk and slow-rock, you will be enthralled that her storytelling-style of songwriting throws a mirror reflection to your personal experiences. Title track “我認識過的人 (The People I’ve Known)” entered nomination for ‘Best Local Lyrics’ at the Singapore Hits Award 2013 (新加坡金曲獎).

1. 哈哈歌 (The Haha Song)

2. 风和日丽 (Sunny & Breezy)

3. I Just Want You To Know

4. 我认识过的人 序曲 (The People I’ve Known Prelude)

5. 我认识过的人 (The People I’ve Known)

6. Touch Of An Angel

7. Sweet Love

8. Let Me Think About It

9. 来信 (The Letter That Never Came)

10. 别太寂寞 (Don’t Be Too Lonely)

11. 灵魂伙伴 (Soulmate)


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