Private Singing Lessons

If you want effective singing lessons…

Armed with 15 years of vocal-teaching experiences, Bevlyn has given private singing lessons to people from all walks of life, from children as young as 5-year-old to an 80-year-old grandmother. Students are free to choose songs of any languages and genres that they prefer to sing, and Bevlyn will guide them through the series of techniques required to deliver a good performance.

Individual and group lessons are available.

No weekly commitment is required though it is recommended for grasping of basic techniques for the first 3 months of lessons.

Student Showcase

A student showcase performance is organised every April, August and December of the year for students to have the opportunity to perform, and experience performing on a stage to the public.

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“I had vocal training under Bevlyn for a couple of years somewhere beginning 2006. I’ve had other vocal lessons prior to that but I felt that I wasn’t making any progress. Bevlyn demonstrated herself to be quite an amazing vocal trainer. She was able to highlight my strengths and weaknesses, and could apply specific techniques to help me improve. She was very meticulous in her approach, and also helped me to understand the many ways that voices could be projected, and the recommended way to project for different genre of songs. I also like the fact that she tried to keep the class fun by making us experiment with different genres like jazz, rock, as well as teaching us harmonizing techniques. I would definitely recommend her as a vocal teacher and is currently planning to send my daughter to be coached by her too!”

David Chua

 “I attended Bevlyn’s vocal classes for almost 2 years; and I transformed from a person who was afraid and shy of holding a mic to someone who is reluctant to let go of it during karaoke sessions. Bevlyn is a vocal teacher who doesn’t exert pressure on her students, but rather points out our weaknesses in singing, and motivates and encourages us to sing better. The fun and laughter she brought to the classes made us feel less stressful and we looked forward to each and every lesson.”

Cassandra Wong

“Taking lessons from Bevlyn is light-hearted and a lot of fun. I like taking vocal lessons from Bevlyn because she is very patient in her guidance and explanation. I had a deep impression of how she is able to explain how to reach a higher note through “yawning”. She genuinely wants her students to enjoy the lessons, which is naturally realised with her positive and happy-go-lucky attitude. When there is a song I want to learn, Bevlyn takes her time to know the music which allows me to learn the songs that I like.”

Chen Jinru

“Had singing lessons with Bevlyn for about 2 years and I really enjoyed it. She taught us singing techniques, and being in a group class, everyone has different capabilities and limitations. Bevlyn was able to use a variety of methods suited to help each individual achieve the objective of the lesson. She is also very encouraging and gently pushes us to expand our boundaries to improve our singing. Class was always fun as we explored songs across different genres and even languages. Definitely highly recommended!!!

Ming Li

“Bevlyn is an encouraging teacher to have. We all need a teacher like her to enjoy our lessons to learn good skills yet keep our interests going. Her passion for music has influenced me positively. Her unique, attentive and detailed teaching method has improved my singing tremendously. Most importantly, I was really having fun for the 2 years of vocal classes with her.”

Celine Aw

“Bevlyn was my vocal instructor for 3+ years. She was a very encouraging teacher and always provided a lot of constructive suggestions that helped me understand my vocals better and allowed me to easily grasp the techniques. I truly enjoyed all my lessons with her and I really feel very fortunate to have been mentored by her!”

Fion Tee