Podcast on Fresh Music

I am Fresh Music Podcast #82 lol.

We recorded the podcast in one of SMU’s random rooms, and it was great to finally meet the faces behind Fresh Music. I really think it requires loads of dedication, and love for music, in order to keep the site going. Do check out their site; you can trust that these people do not mince their words i.e. they will tell you bluntly what they think is good and what is not, big stars or not –  I think honesty is what listeners or readers of music reviews would appreciate.They listen to a wide variety of music, commercial/indie/english/mandarin; and they even provide Utube links! *I am for instance thrilled they like Jason Mraz and Mariah Carey aha*

My voice sounds so low and weird compared to their processed voices. I would much prefer they process my voice as well lol. Part 2 will be up next week (I think).

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