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Play With Me, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo.

It is 3.53am and I am still working! I’m so tired now I really feel like sleeping through Friday. But I’ve an appointment with NUS tmr..zzzz…

While printing some stuff..let me blog a bit…

I think I want to mention some stuff here:

  1. I welcome all DIY singers to contact me, or potential DIY singers to contact me to ask about my experience. I really think we ought to be more united, and perhaps even come up with a movement within Singapore.
  2. I am not managed by Music and Movement; I am managed by myself.
  3. I can speak both Mandarin and English fluently; I don’t blog in Mandarin here because I am still unaware of how to make wordpress support Mandarin characters *sob*. So yes, you can speak Mandarin to me if you want to.

I’m so excited to finally post a picture I took using my handphone, a scene of what I was seeing while my songs were being burnt into the master copy. OMG trust me I could hardly breathe during that process. I will post more entries on the technical aspects of DIY-ing my album, and a music review published in the Nanyang Chronicle, very soon (after I get some decent rest).

Bonne nuit!

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