Pink London Cab

One of my best friends got married today…Luckily for me, I didn’t have to wake up before I see the light of day. It was a bright 830am by the time I reached her place.

Anyway, I was really over the clouds to know my friend managed to book this PINK London Cab for her wedding. Here are a few facts you might not know:

#1: This London cab is the one and only one in Singapore – the rest aren’t in PINK.
#2: Driver (Thomas Low) is actually a doctorate-holder. Yes, he is the chauffeur himself though he could very well have hired someone to do the work.
#3: He owns the car.
#4: Driving this London cab is actually a passion for him. He also uses the car for semi-charitable purposes (one eg. fetching people with wheelchairs)
#5. Behind this pink curtain, he is actually really the managing director of a Realty Pte Ltd. You can contact him at

4 thoughts on “Pink London Cab

  1. Hi hi…

    I was looking for contacts to book the pink london cab for my wedding.. and happen to chance upon your blog!

    Do you have the contact number of Mr Thomas Low? I emailed him but no reply!

    I know your entry was done very long ago… but i’ll really appreciate your help. Thanks alot in advance!

  2. Hi Bevlyn,

    Can you please share with me Thomas number..
    Am really interested in hiring the Pink Lindon Cab
    Thanks a million !!! 😀

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