Performance with the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra

I was psyched to perform at Bangkok with the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra as part of an ASEAN event on 24 Aug 14. You probably won’t believe it… but the last time I went to BKK was…. close to 13 years ago!

It’s no wonder that 13 years after, I feel that BKK has had a facelift. So many shopping malls to trawl through… and the mrt is so clean and wonderful!

To be honest, the rehearsal with the orchestra was a bit nerve-wrecking at first. It wasn’t my first time performing with an orchestra, but it does take some warming up to get in sync with each other, on top of the fact that they were performing my songs for the first time too. I had the pleasure to perform Singapore’s national song ‘HOME’, and my original 《我认识过的人》(The People I’ve Known). Luckily the singers from the other ASEAN countries were SO COOL to hang out with, it took a lot of stress and tension away! L-R: Asmidar (Malaysia), Ladine Roxas (Phillippines), Kong Sothearith (Cambodia)

They even made this poster, how cool is this? 🙂

BKK Orchestra

I’m not sure when the video will be ready, but here’s a cheeky sneak peek 🙂

The saddest saddest thing was, I fell sick once I got off the flight. It was a nightmare swallowing Telfast + Panadol for cold/flu relief + medication from the local doctor. I was practically taking them almost every hour just so my nose would stay dry. I didn’t perform my normal best at the performance for sure, but it was the best I could for the state I was in. But everyone, the conductor, orchestra members and the organisers were so hospitable and nice, and I was again reminded of the Thai people’s warmth and hospitality.

After the performance, I had a day to shop around, had massage, and EAT to my heart’s content. I love this MRT station because it sounds like ‘Ratatouille’:

And this is the best local thai food (side coffeeshop):

Before we left for the airport, we were chatting with Vietnamese instrumentalist who played this wonderful one-string instrument. You’ve got to check it out:

I hope that it doesn’t take me another 13 years to go back to lovely BKK!

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