Performance @ Mackie Kitchen

01 May 08_Mackie Kitchen, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo.

Yes I am back!

My best friend sms me at 1.45pm to check if I was back, cos she knew she would see me online if I was. Truth was, I was woken up by her sms.

Yes yes, I was THAT TIRED! We didn’t sleep much during the 4days-3 nights escapade. And, congratulations to Tien-yao, because he survived me!

The schedule was gruelling. Other than getting to perform for supporters from HK and Foshan, I really cherished catching up with some friends , namely Cheryl (thanks for helping me with the tickets, video-ing, food and weather advice), Winnie (too bad we didn’t manage to catch a meal!), Dilun (so happy to talk over dim-sum! You should thank me you could take a break from work!), and also made some new friends – aniDa (finally we met in person, her songs are so cool you must check them out), Lisa & Alvin (fellow Singaporeans slogging it out in HK), and of course Foshan musicians like FanQi, Lao Mao, etc. And I finally got to meet Blue Butterfly in person. More on that later lol.

Will upload more photos to my Flickr account soon. For now, I just wanna read, watch movies, laze and daze.

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