Peformance at Foshan (佛山)

Performance @ Foshan

This is quite unbelievable. Soon after I’ve confirmed my HK trip, Blue Butterfly asked me to go over to Foshan 佛山 as he could get me to perform at jazz pub, and also go on a radio station (佛山电台音乐台, 98.5FM) for an interview.

I was like – HAR!??


So I’m going over on 3 May. After some confusing talks and misunderstanding over MSN because yours truly is so lazy of typing chinese characters online, we finally settled all the details. My phone bill to China is like a BOMB this month :’) <– tears with joy

Honestly I had no idea what 佛山 has or is famous for (other than Wong Fei-Hong 黄飞鸿), but I am just thrilled to go to someplace I have not yet step foot on. Yes, seeking the unknown. Poor Tien-yao has to lug his guitar though.

I am thanking the universe, truly. I must have done something right.

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