Paris Je T’aime

So I’m back in Paris again, and this time round my visit coincides with the World Cup again. What with the buzz going on, my attention was really on meeting and catching up with FRIENDS, and, FOOD:

The food I had been dreaming for the last 4 yrs – Kebab


Maybe it’s just a kebab…but if you know any other kebabs which beat this, tell me! (btw the kebab is as big as my face) 😀

And, my french friend Dim is so nice to bring me to a nice French restaurant, and the duck confit is to die for (in my opinion). Everything is just right and balanced (the skin, the meat, the juice, the fat):


And the dessert Ile Flottante (Floating island) as the name implies:


It was really a very enjoyable evening (minus the jetlag):


And another friend invited me to this nice restaurant called Bel Canto. What’s so interesting is, the waiters and waitresses break into song(s) in between your bites, and everyone stops talking/eating to look and listen at the performers. The waiters/performers we had that night are all professional singers (as opposed to some of the others who are music students), and the arias they did were simply breath-taking!!

Ok, more updates later! France vs Mexico tmr!

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  1. Yeah, reminded me of 2006 when we watched the Finals in Vichy! And France lost! :p Yes, the kebab in France is fantastic! I don’t want why, but it’s really yummy…I really miss it!

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