Green Swallow

It’s really a pleasure to meet up with Green Swallow, the local female singer-songwriter who is well-known for a song she wrote for Andy Lau. I like this song a lot, so it’s great to meet up with the creator behind it!

Her name is Kathryn, or Biyan as she is more popularly known as. She has also launched an album “Chiselled” last Oct, and can be found at all Sembawang Music stores. Find out more about her here.

We’ll hoping to plan a combine performance this year, let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Btw, hope to see you guys at Raffles Place Park (outside OUB centre) later at 630-7pm (28 Mar 08), just a 30min performance. (”,)

SPOP – My Idol

Lee Zong Sheng, more photos here.

To those who said it’s hard to recognise me or could hardly see me etc, my reply is: It’s like that one LAH! Tsk tsk.

Anyway, before the show, I made up my mind to enjoy the show no matter what, because I was just waiting for one moment….

For Jonathan Lee Zong Sheng to come on the stage.

People who have heard me gushing about him must have thought I’m mad.

Yes I am. Huhuhuh. Madly in love with his talent.

I am in awe of him, because I don’t think there’s anyone else who can write such tiny emotions from the perspective of women, when he is a man himself.

I think men who can express themselves well are really very charming.

But of course, it’s a fine line between expressing well, and manipulating it.

Article on My Paper (Wo Bao)

My Paper has kindly invited me to write an article for them. Wohoo!!

Here it is, published on 5 March 08:

Songs on MySpace Music now

I am a big fan of MySpace Music.

To me, it works very well as the tester machine in a CD shop that allows you to check out the songs in an album first before you decide to buy or not. So here we go: pls click here to hear the songs in my EP Album “Lonely Afternoon”.

If you like them enough, I hope you'll grab a copy from any Gramophone Stores to contribute to my music-making funds! Thank you for your support!

Giving From The Heart

Date: 21 & 22 Dec 07 (Fri & Sat)
Venue: The Atrium @ Plaza Singapura (outdoor)
Time: 830pm – 920pm
Programme: Self-composed songs

I’m quite excited about this show because

1) I’m not paid cos it’s for charity – it’s great to perform for charity

2) I’m playing and singing my own songs from the upcoming EP album (and La Vie En Rose!)

3) I’m pairing up with mad boy Tien-yao

If you’re in the area on either of these 2 days, do drop by. And do come up to say hi if you do. Looking forward to it!

A Love Song (To Show You How I Feel)

I wrote this song in Dec last year, but only managed to finish it yesterday. It’s a simple 2-min song which I do not intend to prolong just because it seems short.

The original lyrics is “I wanna write you a love song..”, but I am moved by the fact that there are many people who are willing to sing for (or with) their spouses on their wedding day, so I changed the lyrics to “I wanna sing you a love song” to make it more relevant to more people. Song can be freely downloaded here.

A Love Song (To Show You How I Feel)
Music & Lyrics by Bevlyn Khoo

I wanna sing you a love song
To show you how I feel
Let you know all the reasons
I’m so in love with you

I wanna sing you a love song
A song just made for us two
Everyday you’ll know I love you
Whenever you hear this simple tune

I can sing all the love songs
To serenade other people
But this one’s for the person
I want to spend my life with

I want to sing you this love song
To show you how I feel
Let you know I am ready
For life’s journey with you

I want a brownie

If you’re also perplexed by the many types of networking available online, scratch me.