mt alvernia delivery suite

Checking Into Mount Alvernia

I’m writing this post from the bed on Mt Alvernia Hospital’s labour ward, as we wait for the arrival of the baby.

The Welcome

I have to say that Mt Alvernia is so far so good *cross-fingers*. When I first arrived at the lobby at 3pm, I was welcomed by the security guard, whose first question was ‘Natural or Caesarian?’. I found that an odd mixture of amusement and irony, coming from a security guard. But I truly appreciated his welcome and said ‘Natural’. He proceeded to give me directions to the labour ward. (I’m not sure if the unique welcome has anything to do with it being a Sunday, but it did give me a smile).

The Induction

I was led to the Labour Ward on the 3rd floor, and soon after found myself in a delivery suite down the corridor. After settling some administrative issues (like verifying names & nric numbers, passing the cord blood’s box over, and giving me a whole envelope of all the benefits that I can apply from the govt etc), at 3.45pm, the nurse administered a pill to soften the cervix, and she would do a check 6 hours later to check if any dilation had occurred.

So here I am at the 6pm midpoint, with the sumptuous dinner:

Mt Alvernia Dinner
(Clockwise from Top Left: Honeydew; Cauliflower; Pork in Soya Sauce Black Bean; Rice (I ate half only because of gestational diabetes); Sweet & Sour Fish Soup; Apple Juice (flushed down the throat by the Husband in one go). The meal was really really GOOD.)

Mt Alvernia Labour Ward

I was mentally prepared to have to take a 2nd pill to induce another 6 hours if I have to. I even went through the scenario of going for an emergency Caesarian operation at the end of it if the doctor says I have to (after all the safety of the baby is most important right?).

Breaking of the Water Bag

Being mentally prepared has its perks, because when the bad scenarios don’t happen, I actually feel rewarded. At 930pm, Dr Fong came in to check my cervix; good news was I was 2.5cm dilated (it felt like a surprise because I sort of totally expected the 1st pill not to work). But before giving me a heads up, he said, ‘Can you feel it?’. It took me 2-3 seconds before I started to feel the warm water gushing out (he had broken the water bag)…  it was such a weird feeling! One of my thoughts at that time was…oh no, now I can’t eat the Subway tandoori chicken sandwich that the Husband has packed for me for supper because technically, labour has started! (I love to eat, and facing a long labour without food is quite daunting).

But boy, I had so much water inside me the nurse actually had to change the sheets 2 times. Strangely the embarrassing knowledge kept me comforted because I was thinking ‘Ah!! That is why my belly is so BIG!’ (secretly hoping it’s more amniotic fluid than fat)

The Epidural

Before the water bag was broken, I was having 5mins contractions, and strangely I didn’t feel anything (or much). But soon after the bag was broken, I began to feel slight cramps though they were very bearable… it really wasn’t as painful/intense/crampy as I had imagined, but then again, it’s my first delivery, what do I know?  I indicated to the nurse that I do want the epidural at some point… and she said in a motherly fashion, “You don’t wait until you can’t tolerate the pain then you request for the epidural ah, it will take at least 20-30mins for the doctor to arrive and then some more time to administer the epidural.”

I was thinking, ok it’s my first delivery (could be the last cos we don’t know the future), I wanted to feel it MORE. But I recalled all my friends’ advice about not waiting too long cos it’s just not worth it….and the more I ruminate about the advice from the nurse and my friends, the more I can feel the cramps, HAHA. It’s a bit predictable isn’t it, when the brain is primed. So within 10mins I requested for the epidural.

The anaesthetist Dr Ho Hwee Shi arrived rather fast within 20mins (at 1005pm). At 1025pm, the epidural was administered. The procedure wasn’t as daunting as what others make out to be – i think it helped that i didn’t see the needle as I was back-facing her all the time. The most horrible experience for this part was the alcohol swipe on the back. IT WAS SO COLD that I couldn’t keep still !!!!!!! When the local anaesthesia was injected, it was more of a surprise element, but the pain was very ok, especially since I felt the numbing effect soon after. When the epidural was administered, I didn’t even realise it, and soon I began to feel warm tingling sensation in my legs. Though I could still feel and move my legs and feet, I soon couldn’t feel anything in the womb area. What a wonderful invention!

So now, we wait….


The Need For Induction

At the gynae session today, Dr Fong advised us to induce the baby and not wait till end of term mainly because:

  1. I have gestational diabetes, and even if I control my diet super well, the sugar level will be harder to control because of the pregnancy hormones as we go later into the term
  2. He noticed that the umbilical cord had been staying behind and beside the baby’s neck for around a week, and it really is anyone’s guess if the cord would go round the neck and reduce blood circulation if we wait further.


Being the superstitious person that I am, I negotiated to a date that is reasonable (instead of waiting for a week which would give a more auspicious date). We compromised on waiting for 2 days that would be the 2nd most auspicious day. But we had to do a ETG first to verify that the baby is in good condition to wait. Thank goodness for this option. I couldn’t imagine being whisked off to the hospital just there and then like that!

So I was hooked up to this machine, and we heard the baby’s heartbeat for 30mins. It was the longest we ever hear his heartbeat during the whole pregnancy, and it was truly music to our ears. At some parts, it sounded like some electronic drum loops and reminded us of my brother-in-law’s kind of music. (yes, it’s amazing the baby’s heartbeat changes in terms of the texture of the tone)

Tone One:

Tone Two:


When we went back to Dr Fong after the session, he pointed at one peak in the graph and asked if i noticed a contraction because that was quite a sizeable one (i said no – obviously i was truly too distracted by my mobile phone).  -_-

ETG Contraction Peak
(Contraction was the peak on the bottom graph)

Good news was we could afford to wait 2 days before checking into hospital for the induction.

And so, I had 2 days left to pack, and prepare myself mentally for the BIG push.


Getting a seat on the MRT while you are pregnant

This is ideal for pregnant women, alas we don’t live in South Korea:

I usually drive, but on the occasions when the husband needs the car more, I take the public transport for a change. For someone who works from home a lot, not having to squeeze with the morning/evening crowd during pregnancy is a blessing. I’ve heard of horror stories from friends who complaint of nausea throughout their train journey, and nobody offered a seat even if their bellies are obvious.

It set me thinking – why are people so selfish? Could it be that the majority of people don’t know how it feels like to

  1. feel like throwing up all the time (esp. in the 1st trimester)
  2. carry a stone around the belly, with your swollen feet flattened under the sheer weight of it all (2nd & 3rd trimester)
  3. feel like your groin is splitting up whenever you manoeuvre to balance yourself (2nd & 3rd trimester)

It is also interesting that for the few occasions when I took the mrt, the people who gave their seats up to me are Indians. It is a 100% in terms of statistics, so that certainly means something to me. Penny for thoughts…

I remember that one time when I adamantly stood for nearly 40mins during the train ride to my destination. By the time I got off the train, my feet were so swollen I had real difficulty walking. Unless you have been pregnant before, you probably wouldn’t know or understand. Until chivalry becomes a trend, or until we can get the other half of the population to experience / simulate pregnancy, we probably won’t have many people giving up seats anytime soon.

Livewell Baby Interview

So I’ve been very quiet because of this….

Thank you to Livewell Baby for this interview on my pregnancy thus far!

Read the full interview here (pg 62-62).

Livewell Baby Interview Screenshot

(Thank you Awesome Memories Photography for the photos)



Maternity Photoshoot (Part 1)

I super love being pregnant. Yes the first trimester was rather horrible with the fatigue and the nausea, but as the belly grows bigger, it’s such a wondrous feeling knowing that cells of your baby are being made by the second. I love the baby bump too…and i realised that the bigger the bump gets, the nicer the people around me are. (Edit: basically the bump was enjoyable until horrible stretch marks exploded on me around week 35. So if you don’t have them yet, don’t count your blessings so soon like I did…)

Maternity photo-shoot is usually done at week 30 – 32 when the baby bump is at the most ideal shape. It is an additional amount of expense to do a maternity photo-shoot, and it may seem frivolous to some people… but for people with a really lousy memory like me, photographs are everything… 

So here I am at 31 weeks & 6 days (photos taken by Baby Like Art at their studio – yes they offer maternity photo-shoot too!):



All clothing are provided by Baby Like Art (except for the tube top that I brought). It is recommended that you top up $150 for a makeup artist, or you may invite your own makeup artist 2 hours before the session for the makeup. The maternity photo-shoot package is priced at $388 nett ($100 deposit required) for the following:

  • 1 hour outdoor/studio shoot
  • 12 digital images & 4 x 6″ prints
  • max 2 outfits/style
  • use of laces & gowns from their collection

(Advance booking of slot required)

We also booked for a newborn photo-shoot session… will blog about it soon! 🙂


Gestational Diabetes (From Denial to Recipes)

My parents have high-blood pressure (with medication for control), so I’ve always thought it a possibility for me to experience pre-eclampsia during pregnancy. But no…. the Universe always finds its way to surprise me.

Before Pregnancy

I never had sweet tooth before my pregnancy. I didn’t have any cravings or aversions at all during the pregnancy (ok, maybe I was thinking a lot about mint chocolate chip ice-cream but i wouldn’t categorise that level of desire as a craving). However once I hit the 3rd trimester, something strange happened – I kept wanting to eat sweet stuff. Thinking that pregnancy is the only time in my life when it’s justified to put on weight, I stuffed my face with chocolates, ice-cream, cupcakes etc. I now know why the condition is renowned as the silent killer – there were no overt signs that I had developed gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). I was simply diagnosed one day at my gynae’s clinic after the glucose test. And then and there it was it – i had gestational diabetes and my fate was sealed. -_-

In a nutshell, gestational diabetes refers to high levels of blood glucose (sugar) during pregnancy, and it occurs when the body is not able to make and use all the insulin it needs for pregnancy. Read about how it affects the baby here (or view the video here):

True enough, when Dave was born, he had very low blood sugar levels and the paediatrician disallowed me from exclusive breastfeeding for the first 2 days, mainly because Dave simply couldn’t wait for my body to produce enough breast milk. They had to feed him formula milk first (in fact, a type of formula specially meant for babies with low blood sugar) so that his levels can be raised quickly before other complications step in.


After the diagnosis, I had to find a notebook to note down all the food I eat/drink every day, and do 7 blood tests a day, once a week. The thought of pricking myself with a needle was scary, but the truth is, the pricking didn’t hurt! PHEW! Here’s how it works:

Why 7 times a day for that particular day of testing? I had to do a test:

Before breakfast
After breakfast
Before lunch
After lunch
Before dinner
After dinner
Before sleep

And each time I was supposed to get blood test levels below 7.2. For the first 2 weeks (when I was in denial), I was getting some results above 8.0! Specifically, I remember that the wanton noodle soup sold at the coffee shop near my house hit a 8.2 (gasp!). I was advised to eat noodle soup as there’s usually lower salt and sugar content…but that stall was a killer. Can you imagine the levels for the dry version then? -_-|||


I’m not a good patient for sure. As i was diagnosed with borderline gestational diabetes, I didn’t think much of my condition. I kept wondering to myself – how could I have gestational diabetes??! ….Yes, granted that older mums tend to get this condition…. but I didn’t even put on much weight during the 2 trimesters (another factor for getting GDM)! It was mostly a lot of ‘Why me?’ mentality…. So while I held off eating the sinful stuff like chocolates and ice cream etc, I continued eating rice, noodles and all kinds of fried and oily stuff (did you know that even sweet and sour pork is a no-no?).

2 weeks later at my next appointment, Dr Fong was appalled at my blood test results and only after a stern warning that time round did I realise that I was in denial and was doing real harm to the baby (actually according to Dr Fong, it’s not the sugar level spike that is harmful, it’s when the sugar levels crash that is harmful to the baby). I started to take the condition seriously and read up on it. My pregnancy diet headed for another direction, one which caused me to shed a couple of kilograms (while the baby was piling on weight). Every time that I weighed myself at the clinic, I realised to the gynae’s (and my) horror that I had shed 1 kg, while the baby had gained more weight (which meant that I was losing more than 1 kg per week!)


Being willing to diet is something that I only do out of desperation. For eg. for an upcoming album photo-shoot, or video performance etc…and even then, I’d never tried such an extreme measure of dieting (which explains why I looked pudgy in most photos and videos -_-). But this, this time round, it concerns another life, and I had to be accountable not just to him, but also to my husband…

So recipes. I abstained off white rice and noodles; and when I really had to eat rice, I eat basmati rice or brown rice which has a lower GI (glycemic index) – a lower GI is good for the body because the sugar breaks down slower and doesn’t give the body the ‘sugar crash’.

The GDM actually is a blessing in disguise, because it made me rethink the way I eat, and made me explore food that I usually won’t eat (like lo-fat yogurt/greek yogurt), and sort of reset my palette so when I eat food cooked outside nowadays, i actually feel that those food are simply too sweet AND salty.


So for the rest of the pregnancy, it was a series of sandwiches that consisted of 100% wholemeal bread + (insert meat) slapped with salad + cheddar cheese for lunch/dinner. Sometimes i tried out more exotic cooking like apple-cinnamon pork chop; cornflakes chicken chop, etc. But after some research, I realise 2 recipes that brought me a lot of joy:

  1. Homemade chicken curry – Yes! It’s totally possible to have healthy curry bought over the shelves, but it has to be by the brand A1 (picture here). I only added chicken, the A1 curry sauce, some assam, some curry leaves (no milk no sugar), and it was really delicious. Slap on some wholemeal bread, and you have a wholesome and appetising meal. Blood test measure – 5.9.
  2. Low-fat yogurt (with apple cubes & raspberry) (or just apple cubes) – When I feel hungry shortly after lunch, I usually indulge in this healthy but super delicious snack. And it measures only 5.3.

The interesting thing is, I felt that I was eating way more frequently than before I went on the diet. It seemed like I kept eating all the time!


And because the craving for sweet stuff didn’t go away despite the GDM, I had to manage it… by coming up with my own creation! Because of GDM, i ventured into my first baking (if you don’t count the home economics lessons in school):

Oat Raisin Cookie – this was the first recipe i tried out online, and it was SO GOOD….the best part was, the blood test measured 6.7.

Sugar Free Banana Bread – this was SO SO GOOD too; blood test measured 6.8

Oatmeal Blueberry Muffins – I forgot how much this measured on the blood test, but it was within the acceptable range; recommended if you like oats.

If you are into shakes/smoothies, here are 10 recipes you can try.
Specifically, for me, the Strawberry Orange Smoothie yielded only 5.8!
The most highly recommended from me would be the Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie (sounds very sinful!) – I tweaked the recipe a little: I skipped the Stevia because the ingredients are sweet enough; and I skipped the protein powder too. This is a can-die recipe, and i drank it quite frequently during the last trimester to cope with my craving. But the blood tests measured only 5.4. However, please use unsweetened peanut butter, or reduced fat type like this:


And last but not least, my favourite has to be this Lemon Pound Cake. The only thing I tweaked for the recipe was to use 1 1/2 cup brown sugar instead of 2 cups sugar… (I counted the icing out, of course). The husband was actually wolfing it down much more eagerly than me.

Anyway, gestational diabetes generally goes away after the placenta has been delivered, but women with GDM have a 5-7 times higher chance of developing overt (Type II) diabetes later in life. That means watching over one’s diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will be even more important for people like us! Honestly, I don’t know how diabetics eat outside… it’s just a horrible experience for a mere few weeks. Every corner I turn, i see cakes, food with high carb and sugar; even food sold at food courts are high in sugar content (after discounting all the fried food). Interestingly, I began to appreciate the natural taste of food (i.e. low sugar/no sugar) during this period. It’s almost like my taste buds got ‘reset’, because after delivery, everything i taste seems TOO sweet.

Ah well.

Anyway, here is a conversion table I found online. Literally some food for thought:


And 25 simple ways to improve insulin sensitivity and prevent diabetes.


The Announcement + Interview with Livewell Baby

I suppose this would be the perfect opportunity to announce. I didn’t intend to hide beyond the 1st trimester, but … I suppose I lost the inertia to announce it (plus I realised that the paranoia doesn’t quite end after the first 3 months).

So here I am, week 30 with a super big belly, waddling like a duck and surprising everyone whom I meet in person. And still can’t quite believe how far we’ve come. Can’t quite yet imagine how my life is going to change. But looking very much forward with nerves and excitement.

Thank you LiveWell Baby for the interview on my pregnancy. A couple of questions made me think really hard! (Click here for full interview pg 62-63)


(Credit to Awesome Memories Photography for the photos)


I love the Ocean Gallery

Seriously, Ocean Restaurant has got to be one of the best restaurants in town. And no this is not an advertorial. Ocean Restaurant 24 Jan 16Ocean Restaurant 24 Jan 16

I was invited to perform for a wedding, and I remember my mind getting blown away when I stepped in and saw the huge aquarium, and the HUGE fishes. Now I am sure the glass magnifies the fishes… but the effects were stunning, especially when you stand right in front of the glass and you see all the fishes swimming by. I remember the eyes of the stingrays wriggling at us! Here’s how it is standing right next to the aquarium:   And the action behind me as I perform:

(Through the years – I love love how the stingray came out of nowhere!)

Through The Years

(I’m Yours)
I'm Yours

(Count One Me)

Count On Me

River Valley High School 60th Anniversary 《青春彼岸》

Be warned – this is going to be a super long post. More like how it was like when I started my blog many many years ago…

I am turning 37 soon. If most people live to their 70s-80s, it means that I’m middle age. Middle age is a period when people have enough experiences to look back on their lives to meaningfully do an analysis on fond memories, regrets, and appreciate their past and present better. When I was in my 20s, I didn’t think that my secondary school days could bring as much goosebumps to me as I feel now when I look back. What would I have done differently? For someone who didn’t used to believe in regrets, it is shocking that I do now for some of the choices I made in my life. In any case, it made me want to make things right. And giving back to my alma mater seems like a 101 module I can start off with.

The alumni committee contacted me to compose and produce a song for RV’s 60th anniversary back in mid 2015. Truth be told, RV was the best experience of my schooling life (I bet secondary schools are the best for many people because real and lifelong friendships were made from there). Hence I was very eager to be part of this song production project for my alma mater. What a brilliant way to give back!

We roped in Regine Han from indie band LGF to pen the lyrics and the melody for the verses (I composed the melody for the choruses). Wearing the hat of the music producer was exciting but daunting too, because I’ve never worked with any of them! In the end we decided on having Jiujian 玖健 (veteran in Xinyao music), Tay Sia Yeun 郑夏韵 (Voice of China Season 3 top 6 finalists), Edric Hsu 徐隆 (veteran singer & actor; most recent musical being “Beauty World”); Yeo Cheng Rong 杨承融 (current RV teacher and alumni teacher representative)…and me!

But.. did you know that these people were also from RV? – 许环良,钟琴,陈建彬,冯慧诗。。。 🙂

Hear the song 《青春彼岸》here (produced by my Storyteller Wave Productions!):

On 16th Jan 16, my classmates and I went for the banquet. I was really looking forward more to catching up with them rather than performing the song. I remember we were on a group chat, and one of them said “ok i’ll wait for you at the posters area“. I walked over, and this man walked toward me with his hand reached out to shake mine. I was like… “Don’t tell me you are xxx…“… because I couldn’t recognise him at all!!!! I was stunned (like a vegetable) for a good 5 seconds, trying to look for features that I could recognise…

How fun was that? 🙂

There were too many fond memories of RV… Ncc drills, camps, mass showers and the oily air rifle sessions; home economic sessions with my bland or burnt food and weirdly sewn culottes that I think nobody in the right mind would wear; squabbles with male classmates whom I think were simply immature/childish (on hindsight, they were just acting their age!); the never-ending assembly sessions because the principal just went on and on and my ankles were hurting from prolonged cross-legged sitting; remarkable teachers who were stern but very caring (and of course teachers who unfortunately were teased mercilessly by us, complete with nicknames……… behind their backs of course muahaha).

Most importantly, my passion for music took on another level when a few of my classmates and I won Talentime (we even grabbed the Most Entertaining Group award!). Other than learning more about harmonising, it really gave me a pat on my shoulder. I had wanted to be a singer for the longest time…. and RV was pivotal in that decision.

Photos time! Can you imagine that my class chairman kept this name list for 20 years?

IMG_9536There were classmates who were living overseas, classmates whom we had to guess based on their dialect names, hell, some of us couldn’t even find our own names!

Ey, This is quite funny, but also quite propaganda leh…. -_-|||   IMG_9535 

I was walking in the hall when someone called out to me. I turned and saw a man whom I do not recognise (again!). When he mentioned his name, my world spun a little. Because I should remember him since we had met some years back (as opposed to 20yrs). Oh no. There’s a reason why I’m called Ms Amoeba! Ok I love surprises, but all these are making me feel stupid leh! Meet Qing Xiang my Sec 1-2 classmate. I keep thinking he looks like the Malaysian singer Ah Niu (阿牛).IMG_9540 Look at us!!!  IMG_9563

Photos with just the ladies:

IMG_9543And the gentlemen: IMG_9545

And finally when our form teacher Mr Ang Mia Lee came over! We were his 1st batch immediately after his NIE training. He’s also from RV, so that gives him a 24 years mileage in RV! Goodness me!


This birthday card that was kept by my class chairman for 20 years brought us so much joy. We wrote so much stupid things! IMG_9551

The dinner started REALLY LATE with the 1st dish served at 907pm. But the food overshot my expectations (and I don’t think it was because I was very hungry). For $150, the taste of the food beat many dishes I had at posh hotel weddings.

Check out the painting by Edric Hsu! All drawn up during the mass display. Kudos kudos!

And finally we sang 《青春彼岸》 ……I was really happy that the crowd was appreciative: QCBA PerfIMG_9578

After that, everyone stood to sing the school song. I remember having goosebumps in the middle of it (video): School School

And yes we were from the West Coast campus. Remember the salty-smelling reservoir? I hated it cos I hated running! -_- IMG_9576

Thinking about it, most of my closest friends came from River Valley High. I wish I could go back in time…but perhaps memories taste good because they are long over. 青春未完待续。。。


(With Tay Sia Yeun)

Save My Bag (Made In Italy) – Finally a store in Singapore! #advertorial

Can you imagine setting up a bag business in 2013, and then by the end of 2015, has more than 700 stores across the globe carrying your bags? Check out Save My Bag. Incidentally, Oprah Winfrey was one of the first few customers because she loved it!

I was invited to the store opening at Wheelock Place (B1-05), and voila!, the colourful bags greeted me all at once:

SaveMybagThere’s good reasons why the brand exploded across the globe within 2 years. The bags are made of Poly-fabric with the LYCRA fiber (think swimsuit material), hence they are waterproof, and super LIGHT. The bosses initially created the brand of bags mainly to have them act as a bag cover over luxury bags (which are not waterproof). In the end they turned out to hold their own fort, and become a cult on its own! SaveMybag

When the Singapore boss Christine asked me to lift a bag, the bag swung upwards because I used too much strength. Each bag weighs less than a 330ml of Evian water bottle, but it can lift up to 15kg of weight. This is superbly suitable for people like me who like to lug water bottle, umbrella, and many other 有的没的 around. -_-|||

And with so many colours (30 in all, excluding those with designs), there’s something bound to suit you:


Or if you prefer something more funky, here’s one of them: SaveMybag A picture with

The inspiring people L-R: Melody (co-founder of Singapore Save My Bag, me,Valentina Agazz (creator), Christine (co-founder of Singapore Save My Bag)


And here’s me and my bag! Each of these costs SGF$159. Not bad at all considering that it is 100% made in Italy. Woots!

Save My Bag

McDonald’s D&D (Alkaff Mansion)

I was lovin’ it when I realised that it was McDonald’s that wanted to engaged me for their annual D&D. Mcdonald’s!?! It grew up with me as a child., so pardon my excitement. Well, my favourite burger now is McSpicy 🙂

McDonald's D&D_5dec15

I took a glimpse into the wonderful bond and fun the staff shared. It was a very tight-knitted family, given that new staff who worked there for less than 6 months were introduced to everyone. 2 staff were awarded the 20 Years award, and each was given a Ronald McDonald’s shoe! How special!

McDonald's D&D_5dec15


20th Asian Television Award – Nomination for Best Theme Song

It totally took me by surprise. (List of Nominees)

“The Haha Song” (哈哈歌) in serial drama 跳班_Jump Class entered nomination for Best Theme song at the 20th Asian Television Awards 2015. Never in my wildest dream. When I decided to take the project on, it was rather exciting for me in the stomach; the process was backbreaking (and scary at times), but I had so much support I’m unbelievably lucky. Special thanks to 路嘉欣 (Chia-Hsin LU) for her beautiful rendition of the song. Listen here.

20th Asian Television Award (1)20th Asian Television Award (2)

20th Asian Television Award (3) with Juni
Caught up with Juni from Micappella at the ceremony!

Under my production company The Storyteller Wave, I also produced 2 other songs in the same category (《我不是不爱你》(It’s Not That I Don’t Love You) & 《人生游戏》(The Game of Life) for docu-drama “Blissful Living”). So congratulations are in order to super awesome songwriter & singer EE YinYi!!!



TV Original Song Music Productions for 《我要的幸福》(Channel U)

It was such a delight to produce these songs for a very talented songwriter and singer EE. I love her songs, which showcased her ability to compose in different styles. And she wrote all the lyrics by herself too! The songs were composed according to the storyline for this docu-drama, and boy, how I cried for the first episode! 🙁