My photographer-friend Gabriel Mendes introduced to me the movie ‘ONCE’ in Mar, relentlessly bugged me to watch it, but I only just finished watching it. Starring Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, the indie movie was filmed in Ireland. And yes, I love the movie. First of all is the storyline of course, it’s a story about a street musician who got to know a girl, who happened to also be a musician. I love the fact that there’s a little lingering romance there. The duo has very strong and good onscreen music chemistry. Anyway, the plot is about Hansard and Irgolva’s journey to making a demotape to be passed to a record company in London. And the songs happened to really be Glen Hansard’s songs!

How cool is that, tell me?

I got the chills when they played their first song together, which reminded me of why I love performing live so much. I love the harmony lines. I like the ideas behind the songs. I love the fact that Hansard kept to his old broken guitar (even when they do the touring post-movie!!) – it’s always about the player, not the instrument. I love the fact that *warning: spoilers ahead*, the lingering romance is there, and yet both are adult enough to not screw things up; basically they understood that love is free to give – you can give and yet not possess. Trailer if you’re interested:

The song I love best here.

And their Oscar moment:

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