October Peek-a-boo!

Interesting month i’ve got here… 1st event which makes me wanna yulp in glee is… i finally attended my 1st Malay wedding!
My 1st Malay wedding!

It was such an experience to be a part of another culture; two immediate similarities are: 1) the groom and his entourage have to make a lot of noises (for the Malays, with many drums too!) and overcome certain challenges to meet/fetch the bride…and 2) we FEAST like crazy! I was actually blown away by the exquisite chandeliers, elaborate chocolate castle, and the stage deco. Simply awesome.

Oh hmm, on 14 Oct 12 – one of the (increasingly rare) supper gathering with A Little Dream! The team has expanded through the years, and it has been such a joy to meet so many talented musicians, and have beautiful friendships blossomed (I especially like geek talks – for eg. pointers on how to use the ipad to the best potential for our performances haaa).
A Little Dream Team

A Little Dream crazy shot

The question to ask is –> Who is the man right at the top!?


And lo and behold, I finally had the chance to sample this French thin crust pizza – Flam’s! It was so thin I wouldn’t have felt guilty downing the whole pizza, except my stomach really couldn’t take it (cos I also ordered the farmer’s salad + pumpkin soup)! I will have to go back to try the dessert….very soonnn…

And….. I performed at a super fun wedding on 20 Oct 12 @ Garden Suite, Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Caroline & Marcus agreed to do a 1st dance… the newly wed was a bit shy, but Marcus’ parents (from Germany) were more than happy to get to the dance floor to show us their lovely dance moves! I don’t think we can see enough of old couples dancing. It’s just too romantic 🙂

lovely wedding dance (20 oct 2012 @ Garden Suite, Mandarin Oriental)

And so so so so… I’ve been thinking a lot about my own wedding. So far, the fiancé and I have booked the the hotel venue (of course I knew the urgency of booking the venue early, being a wedding-singer!), the photographer, the videographer, the makeup artist, and erm…yes! The wedding gown! I went to Mel for the measurement session yesterday, and she told me that I could have the 1st fitting session in a month’s time. I couldn’t wait to see how she’s gonna use the French lace I chose!

I have no idea why people say planning a wedding is a nightmare (yet). I’m just gonna enjoy it as much as I can (now). 🙂

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