No food = Angry Bevlyn

I cannot imagine just how stingy some people can be.

If you’re throwing a banquet and engaging a live band, how tough can it be to arrange simple dinner for the live band?

Happy musicians bring happy music. I become abnormal when I don’t eat properly or have to rush to get dinner before a performance. i.e. I don’t sing well.

That being said, it goes the same for photographers and videographers. I mean, it doesn’t mean you pay them then they can don’t eat and be on standby at all times to capture all your special moments. They are human too.

Well-fed photographers/videographers/musicians provide better service. It doesn’t take much of a brainer to figure that out.

Sorry if I sound rude. But I mean, seriously. What’s wrong with these people?! Just where is the compassion!? Is this the future generation to go?

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