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* Hear the Hua Wei jingle here, which features The Voice Singapore contestants (vocals produced by Bevlyn)

* Read about Baby Dave here! Read her interviews with Livewell Baby (pg 62-63) & Motherhood for more insight into her pregnancy.

* Congratulations to Bevlyn for entering nomination at the 20th  Asian Television Awards 2015 (Best Theme Song category) with “The Haha Song” 《哈哈歌》 (in serial drama Jump Class 跳班).  Under her production company, Storyteller Wave, two other productions 《我不是不爱你》and《人生游戏》also entered nomination under the same category, with 《人生游戏》clinching the “Highly Commended” award.

* Check out Bevlyn’s latest music production for serial drama 《我要的幸福》featured on Channel U (Mediacorp), and original song and production 《福建人,做阵行》for the Hokkien Association’s 175th Anniversary (released on 6 Sept 2015).

Music recommendation “Khoo as a cucumber” for 《改变世界》on KrisWorld magazine (Sept 2015 issue).

* 2015 Latest EP Album 《改变世界》(“跳班” 原声带)
(“Change The World“, OST of serial drama “Jump Class”) now available on ITunes & KKBox!

* The highly anticipated serial drama “Jump Class” 《跳班》 debuted on 14 April 2015 on Starhub’s E-City channel (111/825), with Bevlyn helming the role of music producer and composer for the drama.

An EP album “Change The World” 《改变世界was also released. The album features the opening theme song 《跳》, the closing theme song 《天天是好天》, and songs which are featured in episode 1 & 6 of the drama.

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