New album available at…

According to my dependable source, my new album “You Are My Angel” is now available at HMV, That CD Shop, MJ Multimedia, CD Plus, New Village, Roxy Disc, Ears, and Chinatown shops (most except Sembawang Music & Gramophone)…in Singapore. [Edit: Now available at Gramophone outlets as well]

It’s also available in Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong now.

In 2 weeks’ time, it’ll be available in Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea & Philippines.

For people in China, hmm…let me check it out first 🙂

I just got back from Melbourne, and it was such a heart-in-the-mouth experience. I nearly missed the flight for to and back, was lost for 1.5hrs when I first got there (imagine that), saw fewer than 10 penguins at the renowned penguin parade. But of course there were great moments too, reading my time away at Fitzroy Garden, fantastic vietnamese food, snapping photos and rekindled my love for my not-so-good photography, meeting nice people during day tours, was asked point-blank by a Korean guy if I ‘got boyfriend?’ (Juliet was so jealous when I told her this lol), and etc.

Anyway. Hard work begins next week. I need zzzzzzz now…

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