My Summer Holiday Part 2a (Lisbon)

I am such a lazy bum huh! Takes me ages to blog this part 2…but I hope you enjoy these pics nevertheless (part 1 here)!

So the other exciting part of my holidays is Lisbon, Portugal. Portugal sounded exotic to me, I didn’t do much research on it before I went, I just knew I wanted to go. Maybe that was why the random discoveries were more amazing:

IMG_0538 IMG_0541

(L) We arrived at Lisbon on 18th Jun late evening and dined at a nice small local restaurant at 10pm. I decided to get this fish rice dish because seafood is big there. Interesting smell and taste but there was really toooo many small pricky bones! (R)The next morning, we woke up to find all the cars parked nice and proper right outside our hotel (and everywhere else actually). Lisbon is such a clean, organised and tidy city! The only weird thing we discovered was….there were many old people, which is actually quite uncommon for a capital city?

And I nearly went nuts when I saw this…..purple flowers blooming under the blue sky!!


Lisbon is famous for its tile-walled buildings…it’s so cool isn’t it?

IMG_0567 IMG_0568

And from the pic below you may see the St George Castle (5th century) of Lisbon at the background (click here for more pics within the castle):


Vantage pt @ St George Castle (25th de abril bridge @ background)

(Above) 25th de abril bridge @ background – This bridge is built by the same company which constructed the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco! So it’s like a sister bridge; longest suspension bridge in Europe too 🙂

One of my favourite moments was to just sit on the grass, observe the grass and nice insects crawling and flying around, bask in the sun. What a dread to have to rush to the next destination when you’re on holidays. 🙁

IMG_0630 IMG_0628 IMG_0629

IMG_0635 IMG_0639

(L) Random postcard I really like (my friend pointed it out to me, actually)! (R) Incidentally, we bumped into a lion dance team from Macau – it was the Festival of Macau!

IMG_0646 IMG_0642

(L): Love love the feel of this view. (R): Rossio Square with blissful scene

IMG_0649 IMG_0667

(L) Lunch – yes sardines look like this before they are mashed up into cans. (Tooo) Many bones too! (R) Oriente metro station – reminded me very much of Spore actually…

Ok more coming up. We went to a music festival that evening and we bumped into a musician who looked very very much like Harry Potter. I’ll post his pics/videos soon :p (Meantime more pics not blogged on this page here)

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