My 35th Birthday

Yes I’m 35!

And I’m proud of my age.

I know of many people whom I can almost always hear a sigh when they reveal their age… I used to be like that. And I understand their perspectives, because society has ingrained in us that youth is to be revered, and old age is… rather scary. But after 2 near death experiences (one when I was 5-6) and another when I was around 25, I realised that no matter how much you take life for granted every day, it is fragile. To be able to live to the age of 35, or whatever age you are at now, one should relish the moment (that’s why birthdays are celebrations!!) and be grateful for that milestone in life.

For every day and every year lived, you are enriched with… maybe things that you can’t even put into words. You are inching steps toward who you really want yourself to be – the wholesome YOU.

So I would say, LOVE YOUR AGE!!! <3

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