Lonely Afternoon EP (Credit Roll)

This album reaches you all thanks to the many wonderful and kind people in my life:

川野: Thank you for giving me the 2 most precious things in the world – your friendship and your time. Without which, none of this can happen.

AG: Thank you for agreeing to do this. Thank you for your kindness, patience, and guidance. I’ve learnt so much from my time with you.

Fabrice: Merci pour avoir ouvert la porte de la France, ça a tout changé depuis. Merci pour avoir cru en moi et pour m’avoir aidé tout le temps avec ma diction. Bisous.

Gilbert: Merci pour ta patience et pour avoir cru que je peux arriver a tout. Ton estime pour moi est plus importante que tu ne le sais. Bisous.

Kangyang: 谢谢你挺我!For giving me the fantastic music as a musician, and for supporting and worrying with me as a good friend.

Lucas C: Thank you for going out of the way to help me; for being so gracious!

Lim Chun: Thank you for pulling my heart away when you play the violin. That’s magic to me!

Eugene: Thank you for generously agreeing to take these beautiful pictures. You’ll always have my support!

Edgar & Florence: Miraculously you came into my life. Thank you for your goodness.

Frank: Thank you for the wonderful mix and most importantly, your kindness and your patience.

Liyu, Liqing, Xiaoru, Jingting, Lianxia, Kuoxin, Qiaoli & Chunqi: Thanks for being such lovely friends, for all your support, and for the inspiration!

Hsin Yeow and A Little Dream team: For the kind words and support akin to fresh vapour spray along the way – thanks for lightening me up!

Calvin: Thank you for being such a frank and supportive friend, and for all the happy feelings you bring to me. You’re such a gem!

Juliet: Thank you for your positive vibes and for being so understanding. You (holga-) splash colours to my life!

Kef: Thanks for being such positive inspiration – Nothing is impossible!

This album is also dedicated to:

My family for supporting me in all possible ways for me to be who I am.

To all others who have given me help in any fashion, and or kind words, constructive suggestions, appreciation, and inspiration along the way.

And last but not least, you, for buying this album; you’ve made the right choice, ha!

At least that was what is in my album 🙂

The list doesn’t end, really..for the help I’ve received after the album was out:

Chongqing and Y.E.S 933 crew: Thank you for picking up my album and playing the songs so instantaneously. I am immensely touched by your support. Special thanks to Liyi too for inviting me up her programme “不要说他冷” on 29 Apr and 06 May 08 🙂

Ah-Tien (Rediffusion): Thank you for doing the radio interview with me, I totally dig your frankness!!

RSI (Radio Singapore International): Thank you Gabriel and Jian Bin for inviting up your programmes for 18 Jan 08. I had a great time playing live (though I was a bit video-wary lol).

Samuel Lee (Straits Times): Thank you for agreeing to write a review for me on Life!, Straits Times! (22 Feb 08). Timely birthday gift!

Tina (U-weekly): Thank you for writing a review on U weekly mag (29 Feb 08). Really appreciate you gave it a listen! And also for having me in your thoughts when writing about indie singers for issue dated 03 May 08, and for writing again for 31 May 08 on Pluck Up! segment on 1003. 🙂

Ken (1003): Thank you for writing a review on My Paper (29 Feb 08). I’m really touched by your thoughtful review. And thanks for granting me the artiste interview and the whole string of Pluck Up! sessions on 1003 which allowed me to reach out to local and oversea listeners! (“,)

Nanyang Chronicle: Thank you Weiding, Huichun and Chee Changf or the feature writeup, music review and photos on 31 Mar 08. Thank you for supporting local artistes!

Kening (1003): Thank you for inviting me up your programme “7-11” on 31 Mar 08, which gave me more exposure to listeners who are really into local and indie music!

Xiongqiang (Mediacorp): Thank you for inviting me up SPOP for the short interview!

Esther (My Paper): Thank you for inviting me to write BTW columns (05 Mar 08 and 02 Apr 08). It was great fun to share with My Paper readers!

James (S.O.F.T): Thank you for offering to do an online banner for me to be placed at your site. I am truly grateful for the exposure garnered!

Republic Poly, Singapore Poly and Anderson JC: Thank you for having me perform at your school compounds. It is not easy to introduce local music to schools, and I’m really thankful for having these opportunities!

Baozhu (I-weekly): Thank you for featuring me on I-weekly on 01 May 08. You helped me find out about Fresh Music (and vice-versa)!

Fresh Music: Special thanks goes to Tomato and Cucumber, who did the podcast with me, my very first and a very fun one it turned out to be! 🙂

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