Most Romantic and Fun wedding of the year

We’re still 2 weeks short to end 2008 off, but I can sort of guess this is the best wedding I’ve been to for 2008:

I don’t know. Chin Ling’s dream was to engage our band to perform at her wedding, but Chi Wern did the sums with her and decided we’re a ‘no-no’; yet he turned to us on the sly and book us to surprise his lovely wife. It’s so amusing – I cannot quite decide, if I’m Chin Ling, if I’ll be thrilled or angry to find out on the actual day my husband actually kept this from me for a whole year (I mean, I would have been disappointed for a whole year). Nevertheless, I felt very happy to be involved in their wedding (so much so I felt ok to sacrifice Jonathan Lee and Cheer Chen’s concert on the same day). Chi Wern counts as one of the most romantic man I have ever come across – He booked the entire GV Gold Class theatre, proposed to her before the start of the show, and when Chin Ling said yes, her family members and close friends started popping out to congratulate and ‘crown’ them, literally. Then the entire clan sat down to watch the magical fairytale ‘Enchanted‘.

More romantic counts here. Who says that local men are not romantic huhuhuh?

They just come by far and few.

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