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August is the 7th month in the lunar calendar, by right it should be my ‘holiday period’ as a wedding-singer. But this Aug turned out to be a really hectic one. What with the prep of my concert, various performances for charity, and most notedly at Casual Poet (where I performed at just now – it’s such a cool place I wanna go back a lot of times more).

I couldn’t sleep well last night – woke up at 630am from some strange dream, and tossed and turned. It is usually at these hours that my brain starts to compose songs on its own (no, I’m not schizo). So I finally dragged myself out of bed and played on the keyboard what I’ve been hearing in the brain and tada – I just conceived a new samba song this morning!

August is also a month of reminiscing – Monica, Adam and Vincent from France came to visit. I tried practising with Monica en Français because the lady can’t speak English. She’s the main reason why I picked up French at all. To be able to communicate with her now – Je me sens très bien :)

Which reminded me – the dreaded French exam is coming (AGAIN), and naughty bevlyn has been consistently skipping on her homework like, since …too long ago to be remembered. :(
I really need to practise speaking in French more. Maybe I’ll blog in French soon. LOL.

September is gonna be a crazy month.

I don’t know. Good news and bad news come and go this month, and I felt a bit breathless from going round the rotating door so fast.

I’ve been single for so long I don’t think it’s gonna be easy to communicate with anyone about what I’ve done in a day, need to do and etc, if it like, err, ever happens.

I wish I can go to France and stay for some time. Or Japan. Or Africa.

Damn, I really want to go to the Safari!!!!

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