Moment of procrastination

I realised I have been such a bore because I work too much :”(

And I’m not sure if it’s the crank that’s getting to me, but these are the things I actually think about, like:

1. Do you look at a person’s left or right eye when you talk to them? Or do you look at both at the same time? I realised I tend to look at either eye when I speak to a person. It’s hard for me to focus on both eyes!

2. How do I tune back my sleeping hours to 1am if I’ve been sleeping at 3am for a long time? I just can’t sleep at 1am, and there’s no motivation to make me wake up really early!

3. Is it me, or are there too many changes happening too fast along orchard road? I walked past a patisserie shop near Shaw today, and I was very pleasantly surprised. GIRLFRIENDS –> NEW PIG-OUT PLACE!

4. Where should I go for holiday in Aug?

5. And, I am still very disturbed by a stupid psychological question Ken asked me on-air on Mon:

Imagine you’ve a mirror in the story “Snow White”. What question (about love) would you ask the mirror?

1. Does the man I love, love me?

2. Am I 幸福 (loosely translated as happy)?

3. Have I made the right choice?

(Choose one quick!!)

Answers first:

This psychological situation tests what you’re really trying to run away in your life right now:

If you choose qn 1, it means you are actually trying to run away from love because you don’t trust the person. You have doubts and hence the love is probably not what you want..

If you choose qn 2, you’re trying to run away from your current situation now because of a state of unhappiness or discomfort you’re in (honestly this is like ‘duh’ to me…)

If you choose qn 3, you’re trying to run away from making choices in your life right now…you’re just not sure and you can’t trust yourself to make the right decisions.

I chose question 1.  Because the others don’t make sense to me. If I’m happy (幸福), surely I would know, so why would I need to ask!? And if I am happy, then I wouldn”t ask question 3, because I know the past choices I’ve made had made me happy. Hence, I would ask question 3 only if I am unhappy. But then, I probably would already know I’ve made the wrong choice, because I feel unhappy. Hence question 1 seems the best question to ask. Because, honestly, how do you know if a man really loves you, or not?

Crap, I can’t believe I took the time to blog this!!!! :”(

Back to work.

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