My first cassette tape was Michael Jackson’s “Bad”. I really cannot explain why at the age of 10, I would want to own that piece of plastic; All I knew was, his music opened my mind to a whole realm of explosive and wondrous music, which led me to dig further into the pursuit of music. Of course I’m not doing dance or anything near his sort of music now. But his music inspired me, at age 10, that anything is possible.

Do you really think there’s gonna be anybody close to what he had achieved coming up in the next 20-30 years? No, I really don’t think so. Nowadays, we’re probably gonna get more people like Paul Potts and Susan Boyle. Which is excellent as well, but I believe the definition of a legend involves immense hard work and popularity which span over decades, and most importantly, changes, good changes.

This is my favourite song.


I can’t believe I have been disturbed by his death for the whole day. 🙁

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