Mercy Aid Concert & Roadshow (Photos)

bev + band + DJ Ken

19 Sept 09_Mercy Aid Roadshow19 Sept 09_Mercy Aid RoadshowShow is over!Autograph-signing

Taking pics19 Sept 09_Mercy Aid Roadshow

Thank you to all the familiar faces I see that day. Be it coincidence or that you came all the way  to give your support, seeing your faces brightened my day (the clouds were looming threateningly).

Thank you to all the unfamiliar faces. It might be your first time hearing my songs, and I hoped you were sufficiently touched to spare some cash for this good cause.

This performance was smacked right in the middle of 2 other shows, and the drizzle before the performance didn’t help cos I was worried that the rain may keep the crowd away. But the universe has ways of working things out – the rain stopped just before our segment!

Feel like sharing a ‘breezy’ song with you (NB. dorks are ‘in’ now, so pls don’t act cool.  acting cool is ‘out’):


The lyrics is so plain yet to the point. Interestingly, this could have been a mandarin song. Hmmm.

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