Less than4 hours to being onboard. Been deliberating about having a holiday before the release of the new album…when I finally get down to choosing a location and looking at my schedule, I realised it’s less than 2 weeks away! Anyway I booked the flight tickets and hotel on Mon, and had been trying to do up an itinerary for the past few days whenever I can find time. Now I think 5 days is a bit short for Melbourne 🙁

Am touring alone. Good friends with good intentions tried to warn me against accepting drinks from strangers, erm, must be back at hotel by 9pm, don’t go to dodgy streets (like I know where) blah blah, coupled with some hotel ghost stories…it’s freaking me out! Hsin even went as far as telling me a completely morbid story which made my hair stand. Honestly, I just want to relax but preparing for a holiday is just as stressful 🙁

Ah! I’m gonna do my best to embrace the sights and wind of Melbourne anyway. 🙂

My album’s out next Thu, and I’ll be back on Fri. Hope to have your support! Drop me a message after you’ve heard the music!

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