So, do you spot the difference?


I was the only non-Korean in the picture, but I thought I blended in quite nicely with the rest. Presenting to you MAYTREE the a cappella group! They are a full-time a cappella group from Korea (in fact one of the top groups). Their concert here on Sat was a success – their blend was superb despite the disappointing sound system, cute presentation, great interaction with the audience though they seldom speak English, creative arrangements of the songs, and loads of talents.

Most ladies will notice the cute guy on the extreme left, but, but, but, the guy on my right (I can’t catch any of their names cos they just don’t register in my memory), despite his kooky look, he is really VERY VERY MAN. I thought my heart skipped a beat when he started singing, esp the korean traditional songs. My korean friend (on my left) dragged him to stand beside me during the photo-taking. I was thinking, “Thanks thanks, how more embarrassing can my life be?”

Extra notes: The girls’ outfit are so kawai, and the percussionist’s (extreme right) vocal drum kit is cool, esp. the “jazz kit”. Brush Brush Brush!

To sample their performance: L.O.V.E, Lion Sleeps Tonight. It’s a bad sample cos ‘live’ is really better x 100 times.

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