May The Music Month

This month, is rest and cruise month.

When people ask me what I’ve been busy with, my answer is “I’m very busy…. eating, resting, having fun”. Yeah!

I’ve caught James Blunt’s concert (by a twist of fate, with Tien-yao), and I just came back from Chris Botti’s concert. In comparison, Chris Botti’s concert was exhilarating, mind-blowing, soul-wrenching and most importantly inspiring.

Chris Botti was fantastic of course, but the drummer quickly took my breath away. Billy Kilson is the best drummer I have EVER witnessed. Botti called him the star of the show, and he lived it up. A clip which showed his solo, but honestly I thought he did way better at Esplanade just now (Go to 4th minute for drum solo):


Chris Botti mentioned at the end of the concert, that to ensure a next generation of jazz musicians who are capable of dedication to master music,  specifically instrumental (non-vocal), we should keep the young generation off the internet, and American Idols. LOL.

Up next, Sonny Rollins, For all the wrong reasons (theatre from Belgium), and Air Suppy (yah yah).

All thanks to James who went guitar shopping with me…I’ve tried Yamaha, Seagull, Cort, Taylor, Maestro, Blueridge..I wanted to try L’arrivée but I think the shop-owner didn’t really think much of me..well… I have other choices!

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