March on!

Woah, has it been so long since I last blogged?!?

So on 21 Feb, my new indie album 《我認識過的人》(The People I’ve Known) was digitally released via Pledgemusic. If you had pledged your support, you would see this neon green title, which leads you to download high quality (320bitrate) mp3 files of the songs.

Digital Release on 21 Feb 13

Despite starting work on it from last March, doing TEN songs by myself (with the help of some awesome musicians) is still overwhelming….from songwriting, to demo-making, to linking up with musicians, scheduling recording sessions, recording my own singing, editing, liaising with album designer, arranging for music video shoot (massive work), working with mixing and mastering engineer… PLUS wedding preparations…. Just writing all this down makes me a bit… drained…

But it has been a good journey… of meeting new people, making new friends, receiving new life experiences, and from this journey, I had loads of epiphanies… about what I truly want in life. 🙂

Not sure if it matters to you, but it’s quite official that this will be my last album, because at this stage of my life, there is actually something, that brings more joy to my life than music. It used to be just music. If it doesn’t make sense for you, it’s ok. Everything in its own time 🙂

Before I get all too pensive again

HENCE I decided to make this last album’s design really awesome (for me, and hopefully you think so too)!

No plastic jewel case, cos cool people save the Earth!

And since this album of original songs are so intimate to me (they’re written or inspired from real people I know), it really is a music diary of a part of my life… that’s why I told the album designer that I want a diary concept for the album design..and tadah~~~~  here it is (this is just a mock-up)!

Front Cover
My new album cover. Ooooiiii!!!!

Back Cover

Back cover of the new album !

When you open it up…

Interior of new album... I really love the elastic band!

I really love the kraft board, and the elastic band ^_^

I love the liberation, from choosing photos (heck, i chose my own photographer!), to album concept, album design, which photo to match with which song, font, clothes, hairstyle, image etc… Yes i am a control freak! What you see from this album is the real me. No acting of classy/pure/high-class etc. I’m actually wild and (many a times than not) loud, love brilliant colours, and love to compose songs. If nudity is allowed, this is me, naked.

Right next, I gotta get this album printed…and mail them out to my lovely pledgers!!

And… I’ll put up 30-second preview of the songs on Sound Cloud very soon. If you like the songs, I hope you’d give real support by ordering/purchasing the cd! (Putting it up on Itunes will come later, probably around mid-end April).

Spread the love…and MARCH on!


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