Lu wins the Crowd

… or at least the panel of judges for the 20th Taiwan’s  prestigious 金曲奖 for Best Newcomer (最佳新人) and Best Composer  (最佳作曲人). ECSTATIC is such an understatement for how I feel.


Only Crowd Lu is capable of carrying off  such a suit, cos he’s weird enough. In fact I’ d feel weird if he wore normal and formal (i.e. boring) clothes like the rest (cough cough). What he wore reflected his music and personality: outstanding and unique.

People who think outside of the box… are so… fresh.

With the passing of MJ, and the winnings of Crowd Lu, my emotions have been very stirred…but the outcome is none other than inspirational. I’m preparing a surprise as a tribute to MJ. It will come true I believe…. with hard work! Wait up!

[Edit: On second thoughts, I think his fashion consultant got the idea from here:]

2 thoughts on “Lu wins the Crowd

  1. Heard that 卢广仲得了大头症 after the award. hope it’s just some rumours cos we all like the down-to-earth person.

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