Love & Marriage, Love & Marriage

Blue Butterfly interviewed me via email for a China magazine recently, regarding my views on love, and marriage. It’s so irrelevant to my music, but I thought it’ll be nice to help him out if he needed ‘subjects’, and he wasn’t sure if it would be published anyway. But it was, and before he could inform me about it, a friend of mine who was in Beijing read the magazine and saw the published interview in the plane! He snapped this picture on the plane 😀

The world is really very small these days. Can it be anymore smaller? 🙂

It’s all in Chinese, so for my angmoh (red-haired) friends, sorry about it. If you ask, I will answer, just that I’m lazy to translate everything to Eng here. There’s one line in English though, so at least you can take a guess for that particular question.


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