LollyTalk – the new candy store in town!

Honestly, I can’t remember how I got to know Keow Yuen. (I’m not surprised, cos my memory is often so bad that my good friends call me ‘amoeba’).

I know that he wanted to sponsor lovely candies for my music video “The Haha Song” (to be released end Feb!). I knew that he’s a candy fanatic. I knew that he was planning to have a candy store in town (!!!). And before I knew it, the shop is OPENED!!!

I dropped by Plaza Singapura (B2-20) on the opening day (last Fri) and was SO HAPPY to see his dream come to fruition. Check out Singapore’s very own candy-maker, and his candies’ mascot ROCKY:


And guess what, when you walk into the shop, you will see CANDY ISLAND:


(oops, sorry we blocked the major part of CANDY ISLAND, but that’s the boss Keow Yuen next to me! If you interested to know about the fantasy story of Rocky and the Candy island, click here.)

You can see how much passion he has for the candies just by how he gush about learning candy-making for 2 years in Australia, planning for another year or two before the shop finally came true. That’s the definition of”FOCUS“!!

So let’s lollytalk about the candies 🙂

I am really not someone with a sweet tooth, but these candies are not those which are too sweet and make you crave for water at the end of one candy i.e. perfect! Here’s what I tried:

Fruit candies – my favourite is the grapefruit-flavoured candy (helps that it has a pink interior too hihi):


RETRO MIX – this is something you have to try before you can UNDERSTAND.

My favourite is the Sarsi-flavoured. Sarsi? Sarsi?? YES Sarsi!!!


Custom-made – This one has ‘THANK YOU’ written on each candy, that’s a great gift to anyone whom you want to say “thank you’ to huh? Keow Yuan also told me that wedding couples can request for their names to be printed on each candy (for eg. A & B), to be given as door gifts to their wedding guests. How innovative! 🙂


If you are lucky enough, you may catch a glimpse of live demonstrations of candy-making by 2 gorgeous-looking assistants. Ahem. The interview criteria must have been real strict.

All the best to LollyTalk!! I hope you’d enjoy the candies as much as I do, and I can’t wait to finally reveal photos & video of the candies he sponsored for my MV!

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