Last show on 1003FM before…

22 May 08, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo.

….we take a short break from ‘Pluck Up!’ every Wed!

It has been fun (to sing on-air!), stressful (to choose and learn covers), exhilarating (of finishing every song), nerve-wrecking (knowing when to shut up when we’re not supposed to make a sound, and singing and playing by the count of 5), touching (when people sms in their support) and amusing (the mindless banter) so far. Initially, there were some technical constraints, but all thanks to Ken who tried his best to get the stuff we needed. As usual, Tien-yao has been a great help and fire to keep it going :)

Thanks to all those who sms in to support and encourage, I really appreciate all these..just that I may not have the chance to say, or am not the type to express that much..

Thanks for all the song requests too…we did try to do the songs requested, but hey, we can’t possibly do ALL songs because first of all, we must like the songs too…and sometimes we just do not have enough time to learn super new songs. We’re trying our best though, and I think we’ve got it pretty-much going and improved over the past 3 months (at least don’t cringe that much when I listen to playback)!

So do tune in if you have time on 28 May 08, Wed 11pm-12am. If there’s any songs you’ll like to hear, pls scratch a comment here. If you can’t hear it through the radio, you can do so through internet streaming here!

Probably the special item you won’t want to miss…is we’ll get Ken to sing!

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