KL: 4-5 Dec

All thanks to CD-Rama, I’ll be going to KL to do a performance to promote my album next weekend! Will also be doing a couple of radio shows (yeah!).

I recalled what Tienyao said to me over a dinner recently. It doesn’t matter what work anyone does, there’s always the challenge of getting something done, and the satisfaction after. Even for music. Preparing for a show is usually arduous and even, boring (cos it’s just practising and practising and practising); it’s only when you perform that the satisfaction happens. Yes, I suppose nobody lives in fairyland.

My reward will be that, and to head off to Genting after everything’s over! (And to finally try Malaysian food again heh). 🙂

If you’re in KL on 5 Dec, do drop by if you’re in the area:

The Summit Subang USJ
Persiaran Kewajipan
USJ1,47600 UEP Subang Jaya,

Performance’s @ 2pm. See you!

2 thoughts on “KL: 4-5 Dec

  1. Bravo Bevlyn!

    I just bought your CD, “You are my angel”. Your voice & the songs are awesome, keep it up!

    I do hope I could see you perform @ the Summit USJ on 05/12/2009 2pm.


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