Kim’s KItchen – Confinement Meal (TingKat) Review

My husband and I decided to do away with a confinement lady, mainly because I don’t really like the idea of strangers living in my house, and worse, dictating what I should or should not do after a major life event like giving birth. I didn’t think that we should chance the risk of introducing friction into the house, as if handling a newborn wouldn’t be sufficient to deal with.

But confinement food is a must…. (I love vinegar and rice wine!). After doing some online research, I decided on catering from Kim’s Kitchen for my confinement meals.

“Today its mission remains the same: “To prepare and cook delicious, affordable home-cooked meals from our hearts and have our customers experience the taste of home.””

And that’s what made me decide on Kim’s Kitchen – the idea of home-cooked food (for 2 weeks of lunch and dinner) appealed deeply to me. I wouldn’t want 2 weeks of nyonya food, or food that is heavy in taste (after all, I had gestational diabetes, and eating ‘home-cooked’ while switching my palette over sounds great).

It helps that Kim’s Kitchen offers a great deal too – order 1 month before your EDD and get a 20% off – that’s substantial! The 14 Days Dual Meal (Lunch & Dinner) costs $833.53 (incl GST), but after the 20% discount, it comes down to just $666.82 nett (averaging $23.82/meal).

And boy, the serving was so generous, I usually cannot finish the food by myself; in that sense, it’s really value for money! The meal comprises of a rice (typically brown rice), 2 dishes, 1 soup, longan red date drink and/or ginger tea.

(Top right bowl – ginger tea)

(Top right – my favourite dish – the serving of salmon was so generous I have to finish it over 2 meals)

(Top left – ginger tea and longan tea)

Here’s the English menu and the Mandarin menu if you’re interested to know the specifucs. It’s only $35 for a trial meal, and to enjoy the 20% off, they will require an email of documentation to prove the EDD (I emailed them a scan of my gynae’s appointment card, so that was simple enough).

More review from Foodline.

I only have 2 slight complaints, which ironically demonstrated their excellent customer service –

  1. I had earlier indicated via emails that I would like to opt out of innards, but they sent me a dish of livers for one of the meals. That was quickly corrected after I texted a reminder.
  2. For the first couple of days, the dinner meals were delivered to my house at 4+pm, and I thought that was really too early. So I requested for a later delivery time, and that was quickly corrected too.

For the last day, I had forgotten to place the lunch containers outside my house for their collection (the last dinner was delivered in disposable containers), so I offered to have the husband deliver the containers to their shop in Joo Chiat. To my surprise, they said that they would make arrangements for their drivers to pick them up from me instead. I thought that was really nice, given that it’s my mistake.

Despite the little hiccups, I would recommend Kim’s Kitchen because of the tasty food, generous serving, great value for money, and good customer service. Something to consider if you are not engaging a confinement lady!

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