Jazz in July – Merci et Au Revoir

French lady. For more pictures, click here.

I’m so happy my new friend Jason (whom I got to know only last Thursday but come down armed with his pro camera to take pictures for me voluntarily), took this picture, because it means so much to me.

This French mademoiselle, who was among the audience on the 2nd evening, came up to congratulate me after the show, and told me she cried while I was singing ‘Ne Me Quitte Pas‘ – it reminded her of her past…I was shocked, and felt bad that the song made her cry.

If you’re interested to know why this is such a powerful song, click here:

I was elated that many people (from facebook or MySpace Music or 1003 listeners) came down to give support, I hope I did not disappoint. Jon Ang (on piano) and Jon Lim (on saxophone) worked wonders, and I am really blessed to get their help.

I also had some French friends coming all the way from Normandy, France, because their holidays coincided with this concert. I mean, HOW COOL IS THAT YOU TELL ME!!! I was actually more nervous the 2nd evening because there were more french people, and it was beyond my dreams to see some of them mouthing the lyrics with me.

It really is a dream come true for me, and I have to thank Sara from Esplanade for making this possible. And Tien-yao for lending me his videocam (whose batt died on me like before I can record 30min). :(

And I remember a gentleman unveiling a huge camera with lens fitted for paparazzi. If you see this, pls send me your photos to bevlynkhoo@yahoo.com. (Or anyone else who’s got nice pics to send me, pls do!)

This makes all my Sat MORNING french classes totally worth it.

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