Iron Maiden

I’ve been MIA (missing in action) for sooo long. The rate I’m blogging now would have put me to shame in the past…I used to blog so often, now it seems so tedious to sit down infront of the computer and tell people what I’ve been doing. Because, I’d really rather use the time to… read newspapers, do something new and interesting. I guess it’s a passing phase? I don’t know. But the reason I’m doing this now is because I’m procrastinating..oh well, I was practising for the recording tonight, so I’m now taking a ‘break’ 🙂

I went to a concert I never thought I’d go –> Iron Maiden’s concert. Their name rings far and loud for 35 years, but I’d never really checked their music out cos I’m really not a heavy-metal kind of person (if my music speaks for me). I decided to go because 1) it’s the first time Iron Maiden is in Spore 2) I love to go concerts, but I wouldn’t go to this one alone like I always do. 3) I’ve friends who asked me to go, and since I won’t be going alone, it’ll be an eye-opener for a musician.

And I’m so happy I went! We were at the standing area, but near the end of the mob cos we didn’t want to be squashed like sardines and end up being knocked down by somebody’s elbow in the air when they jump. My only complaint is the sweat smell, made worse by almost everyone wearing black; it’s intriguing that I found myself having to decide, in the middle of the concert, which direction would give me fresher air. :/

Ok, bimbo stuff aside, the Iron Maiden musicians are fantastic. I mean, I may not be a fan, but they are indeed top-notch musicians, no wonder the adoration worldwide. Lead vocalist Bruce Dickinson was a wonder,  jumping around for 2 straight hours, and singing insane vocal range for a 50+ year-old man. I do love some of the slow melodrama songs which break into faster tempos in the middle of it. And, they have so much stage presence and charisma.

Space shuttles on the stage!

Toward the end of the concert, this green monster appeared… he’s really tall!

The end… but you can see the green monster backdrop.

My ticket stub and the security wrist band. The security was so tight that night!!

Do you know that Bruce Dickinson is a qualified pilot? And check out this Iron Maiden ‘Ed’ Force One (Boeing 757) . They came to Spore in this.

If you think the Chinese ballads are melodrama, I think heavy metal is 10 times worse. The source of their music is, anger.

In the middle of it all, I was wondering which would be worse – a stadium full of roaring male fans, or screaming female fans? What do you think?

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