Introducing the crazy friends I have…

I finally have the time to write about something I’ve been wanting to blog about for the longest time!

I’m so excited about this blog entry, because I would like to introduce 4 smashing friends whom I re-connected with, and I am totally blown away by the passions in their lives… 😀

Sometimes life takes you away from one another…you may not even be close during the moments you were together, but if you experienced joy when you were together, you will feel joy again when you re-connect with each other. And this is exactly what I’m feeling right now. 🙂

Happy Bake

This ex school-mate facebook me one day and with a simple introduction, asked if I remember her (of course I did!). She raved about how excited she was to discover that I’m now a singer etc…as I have written in this article, I am used to people giving me these reactions when I first started doing music; never did I imagine I would be the one on the ‘giving’ end now feeling electrified that she’s a homebaker! Our teachers from a particular SAP school must be wondering how relevant our studies were with respect to our present careers but hey, I believe that education is to train the mind and values, nothing is ever wasted.

She also quit her job after some time when her passion for baking pulled her to start her own homebaking business. The funniest thing is, I did not know that she has such a talent; I didn’t know when it started, but boy, am I glad it did. Her cakes and pastries look so amazing; I wonder if I’d ever have the heart to eat them. Check out her blog here.

Emotions Unplugged

This dude used to play guitar for me when I was singing in a 民歌餐厅 (mandarin bubble-tea cafe) many years back. His guitar-playing was great among many there and again, I had no idea how photography became a new passion, and he seems someone who is great with mastering a passion, because he played great guitar then, and he’s taking great pictures now! If you need a photographer for any events, you should check him out. I invited him to be the official photographer for my performance @ Crazy World Cafe last month (See pictures here)

Here’s us, probably our first photo together 🙂

And we were at…

Crazy World Cafe

I knew the bosses when I was preparing for my indie EP album ‘Lonely Afternoon’; one of them volunteered to design the album inlay and lyrics booklet etc for me, pro-bono. I thought he must have been an angel because he was not even a friend to start with, yet he was willing to assist me in a crazy dream of mine (He even designed a poster for the album!) 2 years down the road, he’s now the proud boss of Singapore’s 1st ever indie café and invited me to open my 1st ticketed concert in Singapore. Life holds so many surprises and I really marvel at that. 😀

Shan Zen Arts Shop

I am guilty of not knowing this friend well enough, but I’d admired her singing talent and interest in alternative music when we were both singing in the 民歌餐厅 (mandarin bubble-tea cafe). We re-connected recently, and it blew my mind away to know that she’s now running an arts school for children! If you have any young darlings aged 3 and above, this is a great place to let them express their creativity? 🙂

I believe that passions are one of the joys in life; you may not be able to make a living out of it, and for some people who thought it’ll be great to do so, they may not enjoy their passions as much once they do so. But for those who by a stroke of random magic, are doing it, I wish you great joy too 🙂

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