INDIE Hooray !!! Music Concert Party 2009

Ok, so I’m no longer indie, but I’m proud to say I’ve strode out indie and been in that phase before to appreciate the process of album-making. This blog entry is dedicated to my indie friends who are throwing a performance next week. The ‘organiser’ is one of the indie artist Yet, who is making this a first in Singapore, and he hopes to make it an annual event to celebrate local music.

So do lend your support by checking them out. Bring many friends along so it’ll be all the merrier!

INDIE Hooray !!! Music Concert Party 2009


Event: INDIE Hooray 2009 – YET & INDIE Friends Music Concert Party
Venue: Atrium, Level 1, MICA Building
Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm
Date: 20/09/2009
Ticketing: $12, email or call 9155-9325 for tickets booking (*Free Seating)
Official Supporters: J Café@MICA Building, &
特别表演嘉宾: 讨闹派RazzlePlay, Matthew Quek, Lizz

For more details, pls go to here.

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