I’m sorry

Dear Honeybee,

I’m really very sorry to have killed you today, perhaps in the most unimaginable and statistically-low fashion of being murdered by a human-being.

But I was singing happily with my band at Burkhill Hall, and you suddenly came around out of nowhere. When I saw you circling round my legs, I panicked because I know for sure I didn’t want to be stung. Then my bassist scared me by telling me his friend (also a bassist) got stung by one of you while playing the bass. So I did exactly what my friends told me later on NOT to do – I moved – in fact I think I was thrashing my legs to the beat of the music which cued me to start singing in 4 counts..then i looked at the lyrics and sing. By the time the chorus was done and the music interlude came in, I thought you were gone. And indeed you were, because the soundman behind told me I had murdered you …totally crushed by my stilettos. I’m REALLY SORRY!

I should have known better than to wear a flowery dress to Botanical gardens :(

But if I had not moved, what would you have done? Extract pollen from my dress?!

Sincerely apologetic and guilty,

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