I Thought My Life Was Complete

A good friend msn me this link out of the blue. She is a young girl and yet this video fuelled her enough to say “this video makes me wanna quit even more ” (she’s been thinking of quitting her job for ages).

The first surprise was the female talent (she’s a friend). Despite knowing her, the video got me into believing, for a split second that it’s her true story. The acting was compelling, the lines were compelling; or both just combined to work magic.

It actually touched me. 🙂

Great job. At least it got me through a nice video (and not some hardcore propaganda).

2 thoughts on “I Thought My Life Was Complete

  1. I never saw the full video until now. It IS very nicely done. And Jo, Coral and Edward did great!

    However, I’m unfortunately still a bit grossed out by the implication that a woman cannot be happy without children…

    1. I suppose it’s trying to target women who may want to have children, or are sure they want to have children but are putting it off till the ‘right time’. It’s indeed worth the reminder from time to time that it can be impossible to fight the laws of biology (or at least very expensive to do so). But yes I know what you mean 🙂 Perhaps the title could have been a better one!

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