I-mag_28 Apr 08

I-mag_28 Apr 08, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo.

All thanks to Jac of I-weekly Mag who contacted me via facebook.

It was really coincidental cos I-weekly contacted me 2 days after U-mag contacted me (see next entry).

And incidentally, I-weekly helps to inform regarding my radio interview with Liyi of 933FM (on 29 Apr @ 420pm and 6 May @ 420pm), while U-weekly mag helps to inform regarding my radio performance on 1003FM Pluck Up! every Wed 11pm-12am.

If somebody is arranging this up above, I give my thanks for the amusement. :)

p.s. I am so affected by this book Eat Pray Love which I’m reading currently reading, that I expect myself to be totally transformed by the time I finish the last page!

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