I love the Ocean Gallery

Seriously, Ocean Restaurant has got to be one of the best restaurants in town. And no this is not an advertorial. Ocean Restaurant 24 Jan 16Ocean Restaurant 24 Jan 16

I was invited to perform for a wedding, and I remember my mind getting blown away when I stepped in and saw the huge aquarium, and the HUGE fishes. Now I am sure the glass magnifies the fishes… but the effects were stunning, especially when you stand right in front of the glass and you see all the fishes swimming by. I remember the eyes of the stingrays wriggling at us! Here’s how it is standing right next to the aquarium:   And the action behind me as I perform:

(Through the years – I love love how the stingray came out of nowhere!)

Through The Years

(I’m Yours)
I'm Yours

(Count One Me)

Count On Me

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