I live for food

It’s just so weird, my body’s acting strangely.

On Wed, just cos it’s a public holiday (a holiday which I discovered to my surprise only a week earlier on), I scheduled 3 appointments to get revenge for not chilling out enough.

– 1230 – 230pm was lunch at Wood Restaurant, where I had grilled chicken something of which the portion was so small I decided to label the resto ‘gastronomie’);

– 330pm – 6pm, I pigged out at Go India for rice, cheese naam, tandoori chicken and asparagus fillet;

– 7pm onwards I ate RILLETTES (pork and duck) and steak at the French Stall, but not before I had Kia to wash down whatever that was previously eaten. I AM SUCH A PIG AND I LOVE IT!

I was hungry at 1030pm again; I stopped short at ordering chicken wings.

It’s 3:46am now and I’m still not sleepy.

It’s actually 1003fm’s birthday today, and for the station’s birthday bash, Ken asked me to help out the DJs with a musical segment, and though it’s weird to be helping them (cos I DO feel awkward being among known people), I’m really happy that I’m able to give back in small ways like these to the station which has really given me pivotal help over the past months..

At a time when I’m deciding between keeping my hair long or cutting it short again, Ken’s insanity is rubbing off a little on me; he is really nuts.

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