Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival 2012

Taking part in the HK Asian-Pop Music Festival 2012 is an early highlight this year… The last time I went to Hong Kong was for a performance at Mackie Kitchen in 2008 (with Tien-yao). I was still doing indie music back then. Now 4 years down the road, many things have changed, and it feels really amazing to be back to perform again. It has been such a long time since I’ve been to HK, I actually forgot how WARM and energetic the Hong Kong people are… 🙂

Pictures speak a thousand words, so here we go:

/At the press conference/

Press conference for HK Asian-Pop Music Festival 2012

Press conference for HK Asian-Pop Music Festival 2012
It was a lovely crowd for the performance, includes 张芸京 & 倪安东 (Taiwan), 古巨基 & 洪杰 (Hong Kong), 宋靖宇 & 胡彦斌 & 吳琼(China), HIROZ SEVEN+ & JAM Project & 熊谷育美 (Japan) , ALi & Brown Eye Girls & TVXQ (東方神起) (Korea), Projek Pistol & 光良 (Malaysia), and Olivia and, I (Singapore).

/On day of the actual performance/

A quick photo after makeup…I was the first performer after 古巨基’s 2 songs, so there was very limited time for warm-up + makeup + dinner 🙁

After makeup at the HK Asian-Pop Music Festival..

In any case I must give credit to my makeup artiste and hairstylist for making me look great for the event!
All thanks to Pinko & Ming Liu for the perfect hair and makeup!

Ok more photos coming up…stay tuned! I had a great time with the cool weather, lovely Yung Kee & Dim Sum & Peking duck, friends and accompany. Will be blogging about it….in a few days’ time!

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