Hong Kong Album Review on Ming Pao (明报周&#…


23/06/2008 02:52:06 Cheryl : bev, just want to let you know that your CD review is on Ming Pao magazine this weekly

23/06/2008 02:52:13 Bev: WHAT!???

23/06/2008 02:52:15 Bev: u kidding me!

I was shocked, then pleasantly surprised. The magazine is called 明报周刊, a Hong Kong magazine founded earlier by very reputable writer and press businessman 金庸, and now owned by a Singaporean.

The album was picked up by the editor herself when she heard my songs played at Mackie Bookstore, and the music review is under Editor’s Choice (No. 14). *Wails –> :’D *.

I really have to thank aniDa, for it is hence possible for my music to reach listeners in Hong Kong! And Cheryl!!!! All thanks to her I came to know about it, muack muack!

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