Ho Bee – Seascape Gallery @ Sentosa

I don’t think I will ever forget this gig at Seascape Gallery, which is actually a show-flat converted into a dining hall.

When I arrived at the carpark, I was blown away by the sight of the clear water and the yachts – I love yachts! I always wonder who owns them, and if I will ever get the chance to be on one?

Seascape GallerySeascape Gallery

One of the staff from Ho Bee, Caroline, was so warm and even insisted that we visit the show-flat!

This is the mock-up of the entire estate (left)… The balcony of each unit is shaped like the bow of a ship, so when you sit down in the living hall, you can imagine yourself on a ship looking out towards the sea:

Seascape Gallery - mock-upSeascape Gallery - balcony

The interiors are also very sleekly furnished. Basically the four of us were blown away.

Seascape Gallery - living hall & KitchenSeascape Gallery - bedroom

I hope whoever earns enough to buy this kind of residence contributes A LOT to charity as well. Speaking of donating, you may be interested to contribute your love story to a lovely couple whom I’m going to sing for in Aug. In my years of wedding-singing, this has been unheard of – they’re compiling short love stories from anyone (anonymous or not) as their wedding favours. I can’t wait to read the final product. If you love mush, this is the time to be mushy: http://www.love-stories-project.blogspot.com/

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