He’s Just Not That Into You

I finally watched this movie last night, and it certainly didn’t disappoint me, a strong supporter of the book.  It even inspired me to write a song called “Anymore” for a good friend of mine. The day the book saw the light of day, suddenly the veil was lifted, the bulb was lighted for all women –> ta-dah! It’s such a straight-forward concept, and it clearly shows how simple men really are, and how complex women have always been. Damn the fairytale books. Well ladies in case you haven’t noticed, there is always only one princess and one prince in the fairytale, so he ain’t got much choice.


I’ve always believed that women should never make the first move.  If he is really that into you, he will find all ways and means to make you his. i.e. you do not have to find excuses on his behalf.

On 1 side note, I finally know why I was a little uncomfortable with the role played by Scarlett Johansson. The stereotype is almost laughable now that I think about it –> A struggling singer undecided about who she wants to be with, has loose moral values, seduces married men and breaks up families, and to top it off, blonde. Casting director, HELLO?!!! It just couldn’t be as convincing if it’s another kind of occupation huh. Berk!

2 thoughts on “He’s Just Not That Into You

  1. she means stereotyping.. y this kinda character have be a singer + blonde… haaa
    i want to see this show! =D

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